Our Impact

“American Daughters gave me the opportunity to speak out against issues and the power to use my voice the way it was meant to be used.”

– Alize


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The Academy

Goal: Host the American Daughters Academy, a 4-week summer leadership program, starting in Summer 2019. The Academy will support female students from Kansas City-area high schools as they create a vision for their future, realize their capacity for leadership and change, and share their work with the local community.

Let’s Make The Academy Happen →

American Daughters made me want to go on and do amazing things because it made me believe I’m capable of doing so. I have so many goals I want to reach. I want to go to the University of Manchester in the UK. I want to act, write stories and articles about things I want to fight for. No matter what happens, I will always be an American Daughter.
— Justice

The High School Club

In support of the establishment of the American Daughters Academy, the American Daughters Club was created at a local Kansas City high school in the Fall of 2017. The students met bi-monthly to tackle the unique successes and challenges young women face at home and school.  Club activities during the 2017-2018 school year included the following:

·         Explored the history of the feminist movement
·         Examined the portrayal of women in the media through film studies
·         Made zines with @neither_nor_zine_distro
·         Discussed sexual wellness with a Kansas City gynecologist
·         Learned about the importance of civil disobedience
·         Discovered the art and history of henna with @hennabyhernandez
·         Self-care workshop with @simplyaprilynn

We are excited to host the American Daughters Club at Crossroads Academy in KC starting fall 2018!

I came to every meeting I possibly could. I didn’t even notice it, but I was slowly becoming more comfortable with myself and the people around me. I talked to people more easily, I felt more comfortable in my own skin. I cared less about what people thought of me. Life became easier for me and I could start to enjoy coming to school more. I formed stronger bonds with my friends, I went places and did things. I wasn’t afraid of the simplest things like raising my hand in class anymore.
— Tabetha


Books & Broads

Join us for Intersectional Feminist Book Club – check our instagram for updates and information about the latest book we’re reading & discussing!

Currently Reading:
The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson

Previous Book Selections:

  • Disposable Domestics by Grace Chang

  • Electric Arches by Eve Ewing

  • Men Explains Things To Me by Rebecca Solnit


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