Academy Attendees


Cultural Anthropologist 

Tenesha plans to use her passion for cultural anthropology and languages to create a public mural that honors the many cultures present in Kansas City. 

Project Needs:
Cultural anthropologist and muralist mentor(s) to volunteer a few hours to help Tenesha complete her project. 
16x20 tarp, painters rags, 9x12 canvas drop cloth, furring strip board, white primer paint, neon acrylic paint set, paint brushes. 


Documentary Filmmaker

Justice plans to create a short documentary film to capture the stories of the women who will take part in the first Summer Academy. 

Project Needs:
Mentor(s) to volunteer a few hours to help Justice learn skills related to shooting and editing footage.
Cell phone tripod with boom mic
Backdrop and lighting kit
Lapel mic
Macbook Pro



Ruweyda is looking forward to a career in medicine. 

Project Needs:
She hopes to shadow four different female doctors or surgeons for a couple of days, one each week of the Academy.



Alize plans to develop her skills by shooting fashion and abstract photography. 

Project Needs:
Photography mentor(s) to volunteer a few hours to help Alize develop her photography skills.
Digital camera - Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit
SanDisk 32G Ultra Class 10 Memory Card
Macbook Pro

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VOLUNTEER (Mentorship, Services)

  • Looking for mentorship pertaining to Neurosurgery, Documentary Filmmaking, Photography, Cultural Anthropology and/or Art

  • Looking for volunteers to lead creative workshops (ex. yoga, self-care, meditation, etc.) or guest speaking pertaining to women's empowerment


  • Looking for both lunch and snack donations every day


  • Looking for places to host activities throughout the length of the program in different locations throughout the city


  • Looking for office supplies (pencils, pens, post-its, project needs listed above)


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