The Collective

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The American Daughters Collective is comprised of American Daughters members who work together to see more women in leadership roles across Kansas City. Your participation in the Collective allows you to:

  • connect with other American Daughters and our partners.
  • experience and celebrate the social, cultural, and academic work of local women.
  • share and promote your work. 
  • search for other members who may be able to help you with your next project.
  • learn about opportunities to organize and volunteer at community events.
  • support and work with Academy students.

To find local women and men who support women's leadership and have unique knowledge and skills to help you meet your goals...

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Join the Collective

After becoming a member, you will receive a link to our American Daughters Collective registration page. Here, you can create a profile to share your business or area(s) of expertise with other members and partners. 

Note: The participation of each member in the Collective will be reviewed by the AD Board of Directors during the registration process to determine that each member's profile supports the values and goals of American Daughters.