In June 2019, the American Daughters Academy, a 6-week summer leadership program, will kick off in Kansas City, Missouri. The academy supports high school-aged women (16-18 years old) as they create a vision for their future, realize their capacity for leadership, and share their work with American Daughters, family and friends, and the local community. We will select the first class of academy students from local high schools in the 2018 fall semester. 

In partnership with other American Daughters, we support each academy student through coaching, shared experiences, and collaborative learning.


We pair each academy student with a coach that has experience in the student's area of interest. Each coach commits 3 days per week to provide job-shadowing experiences and guidance with their student's leadership project. For example, an academy student interested in entering local politics is paired with an individual who currently works in local government, preferably an American Daughters member. 

Shared Experiences

Shared experiences facilitate opportunities for academy students to learn about each other, American Daughter members, and the different communities of people that make up the Kansas City area. Sharing experiences allows students to think critically and reflect together on a variety of topics, issues, and activities taking place in Kansas City and beyond. These may include a book study, learning from guest speakers, and taking field trips.

Collaborative Learning

American Daughters, in partnership with local schools, businesses, women’s organizations, and neighborhood groups, identifies a community need that academy students can help address during the 6-week program. The selected project encourages the development of teamwork and leadership skills and requires students to problem-solve and collaborate with local residents to take action for the betterment of their city.