Photography by  Chase Castor

Photography by Chase Castor

Our Mission

American Daughters was founded in January 2017 by a group of women living in Kansas City, who aspire to see more women in leadership roles locally and beyond. By supporting and connecting women through the American Daughters Collective and by encouraging the development of leadership skills in young women through the American Daughters Academy, more women will seek positions of leadership in their communities, schools, and workplaces. 

An American Daughter...

  • encourages women to be informed and compassionate leaders.

  • honors those women who advanced women’s rights and roles throughout American history.

  • exhibits patriotism by participating in civic matters for the betterment of our city and country.

  • celebrates women making social, cultural, and intellectual contributions in their communities and beyond.

Does this sound like you? Support women in our city by becoming a member today! 

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Our Vision



Membership directly funds the American Daughters Academy and community events that support and showcase women in Kansas City. 

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Once a member, we encourage you to join the American Daughters Collective, a space to connect and share your unique knowledge and skills with other members and academy students. The Collective plays a pivotal role in supporting and growing women leaders.

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The Academy works with high school-aged women from Kansas City schools by connecting them with our collective of members and partners, who support each student as they gain knowledge and skills and create a vision for their future. As academy students grow into adulthood, the American Daughters Collective will be there to support them along the way.  

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